Initial App Research

I have started looking through many travel apps in the Apple App Store and in the Android Marketplace, here are some of the apps most similar to the one I want to design and ones I feel I can take some influence from.

Trip Journal by iQapps for iPhone, Android and Symbian

This app has won an award for innovation from Google (?). It uses very accurate geo-tagging software so it knows exactly where you are right down to the street. When the user posts a blog entry, photographs, video, comments or a twitter-esque micro blog post, these appear on the map as speech bubbles as well as being integrated into a journal. The map etc. can be shared on Facebook via a Facebook app, and the photographs can be shared automatically with Flickr and Picassa. The app allows multiple trip management and stores your past trips for you (WHERE?). The app has the style of an old fashioned Victorian explorers journal; curling edges, tea-stained colour and is ‘placed on’ a Hessian sack. Although this app appears to be very good, it doesn’t appear to have a very big following.

Reviews: Youtube, Apple, user reviews

Travel Buddies on the Go is an iPhone app that uses a Facbook app to connect people travelling in the same places. Users can share advice, blogs, photos, community micro blogging, find people with similar travelling schedules to them. The Facebook app has a lot of content, and appears to have a wide audience who engage a various levels. I haven’t been able to look at the iPhone app but I would assume the content is less heavy from the .mobi site. The Facebook app has a global reach and appears to be used by a large number of number of people visiting destinations in Europe and the Far East.

There are quite a few other travel blogging apps, these two jumped out at me as having either a good aesthetic or a high number of web users.

The other type of app similar to my idea are the guide apps. The best one I have found is a very simple French app, CityVox. It has a great easy to use layout and is very simple app to follow. It is also a web-based app so I can use it through my computer. The first page has the 3 most popular French cities – Paris, Lyon or Marseille or you can choose Autres Villes (other towns).

Some other travelling apps


Just Go Guides: mobile guides for the new traveller



Roadtrippr review – iPhone Application Reviews – Know Your Cell MEX

The Waterside P/L t/as OZmobi

Apple – Web apps – nextstop

Been there

My Travel Log


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