Personal Research Project

I think I will make a video and take photos for a bit of stop-motion ( I never get tired of animation magic!). I’ve got a giant map of Europe that I want to draw my routes onto, stick photos onto – the first trip I had a 35mm camera, the other trips I will have to order some prints…

I think I will do the first Interrail trip I went on in 2004 as a trail. I have to dig out the photos but I have a lot of emails from this trip that I think I will read out to camera before sticking up on the map. I also wrote a very detailed journal on this trip, however I’m not sure  I still have it.

Things to sort:- Book: tv studio, video camera and stills camera. Buy: memory card, mini dv tape and ext hard-drive. Find: photos and journal(?). Sort out a board to put map on, preferably a pinboard.

Something else I need to do is put all my video archive together on one dvd…


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