A change of tack, slightly…

I have been learning to use Arduino open hardware, and I have started to think about how I can use the Arduino to display my collection of Interrailing memories. To start with I thought I would like to use a Wii remote to choose things on the screen, what things I was not sure, and how I am still not sure! Last week I was volunteering at a film festival, looking after a viewing library, and I had a brainwave about the design and look of my collection. I would like people to be able to step into a 180 degree semi-circular space onto a board which activates the projection. They would then use a remote of some kind to start viewing one of my trips, a collection of video, photos, journal entries, sounds etc will move past the viewer on either side from a central point. If the viewer wishes to look at something more closely they can stop the motion and zoom in on a selected “artefact”.

Obviously this part of the project is almost totally different to my original idea but I am not ready to abandon that idea just yet, as I think it is a good idea to be able to see a commercial side as well as an artistic side.

Very simply the things I need to do for this project are:

  • collate all my footage, photographs, writings, emails, phone numbers, email addresses, thoughts etc etc.
  • compile all of that into a flash piece
  • program the flash piece to be controlled by some kind of remote or Connect sensor.



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