I will be creating a soundscape to accompany the video images. I would like it to be made up of the chug of trains in motion as well as ambient sounds of people talking, I would also like to include the melodies played at stations before the announcements. The melodies, for me, are extremely evocative of my travels and ones that I have heard often still give me a feeling of being on holiday. I will need to do some sound recording in Bristol Temple Meads station for the ambient sounds of a station; people chatter, walking, trains pulling in and out of station, and the newer but still fundamental sound of travelling – wheelie suitcases! Some of the videos I have from my old travels have the sounds of trains in motions, as well as the quiet chatter of a train carriage so I will extract these to use. I will also be looking and asking on the internet to find the stations melodies. I have joined an audio recordist community, and have so far found a great SNCF announcement from France. Most of the sounds on this site are licensed under creative commons so I can use them but I will also be writing to the recordists to let them know. I am also planning to use the site’s forums to ask if out people have any or could record their local station announcement for me.

Someone has posted a lovely soundscape from Kiev station, all the sounds are extremely clear and it is quite obvious where it has been recorded. I would like to create something like this for the intro screen in my piece.

edit 03/01/11: Geraint has just shared this with me, a composition of train noises by Pierre Schaeffer – a piece of ‘musique concrete’. This is definitely worth looking in to when I come making to the soundscape.


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