A new addition

I have been thinking a lot lately about introducing some data into my piece. I want to show people some of the comparisons between trains and flying, as giving up flying for environmental reason was a big part of deciding to take my holidays by train. I was thinking of just adding this info on the end of each route but just showing a load of facts is not very engaging… What I think I would like to do instead is to represent the data in a visual way.

I have started to collect the data for CO2 emissions of each train journey compared with flying the same distance from ecopassenger.org. I would like to turn this data into a interesting visual, perhaps have a tube that fills with liquid to represent the data, or bubbles causing a liquid to decrease…

Or as CO2 is a gas maybe I could put a pump on some balloons, the volume of the balloons directly corresponding with the amount of CO2 released.

Some people may say, so what, its been done before, everyone knows its more eco friendly to go by train but I have discovered that slow trains are just as wasteful. For example Budapest – Zagreb: getting the train or the plane produces almost identical emissions.

I think I definitely want to put this edition into my project to give it a bit of a serious message but in a playful setting.


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