New semester, new module

Theme of the next few weeks: Being 360

Still getting my head around this theme – but I see it a bit like how I am working right now. I started reading Convergence Culture and something in it made me open the laptop to look it up… I got distracted and started writing up my visits to the Science Museum and Kinetica Art Fair over reading week… but I got distracted from that and only completed one entry before starting to update my google calendar, download and started reading 2 texts for my other module and have now started this blog entry. So right now I am sitting in bed (rainy Sunday, its allowed), I have a novel, a notepad and an academic text beside me, there are 12 tabs open in my browser, Photoshop is open (editing blog background), Word is open (enterprise module work), and a pdf of The Pirate’s Dilemma is also open. Am I being 360 or am I just insane?


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