Science Museum

Recently I went to the science museum to check out their interactive areas and features. I wanted to see what they were using interactivity for (which exhibitions) and what levels of engagement they were inviting.

There were a lot of cool things going on there. I spent most of my time in the Wellcome Wing which seemed to have the most interactive displays. Here is some of what I saw…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The interactive displays all assumed some knowledge of touchscreen technology, even in the children’s area where children could use a touch screen to create a projected pattern with other children at the desk by touching which colour they wanted and drawing with their fingers. The level of interactivity ranged from touching the screen directly, using a touchpad, buttons, dials etc, or interacting with a screen at a distance. The displays the audience were encouraged to touch were generally more educational than the areas where the audience interacts at a distance which were mostly just aesthetic and artistic.


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