Kinetica Art Fair

While I was in London I went along to the Kinetica Art Fair – a mish mash of art, robotics, sensors and cool stuff.  Some of my favourite pieces included…

by who wanted to create an exhibit that you CAN touch and are encouraged to! It was great, I spent ages prodding, poking and stroking the ball.

Adaptive Bloom by Justin Goodyear – the potential of this piece was extremely exciting for me but unfortunately I wasn’t able to see it in action as it had broken from over use during the fair 😦

The Floating Forecaster by Poietic Studio. This piece allowed audience members to control the airflow to each individual ball via an iphone app. This was my favourite piece by far, the curious visual structure and hands on nature of the piece completely drew me in and having linked it to an iphone as a controller totally won me over! I could have spent my whole afternoon getting the balls to float up and down, shaking the phone to turn the fans off – brilliant!

Echindna II by Tine Bech. There is something about this piece that compels you to touch it, it looks fun and springy. When you do give it a prod it reacts by squeaking at you in a very cute way. It gives it a life and I wanted to take it home as a pet! Bech was also exhibiting a reactive theatre light that would move or change as soon as you walked on the coloured light patch on the floor, I wanted to play with this piece more but as the space was so crowded I lost the beam of light to groups of people milling around.

Modular Music Box by Monomatic. This piece was a really lush take on the old style music boxes. The central disk would rotate and flash lights as the music played while the disk with mirrors also rotating had a cut-out style ballerina dancing the in reflection of the mirror.

I also met a man using arduino to make music out of mashed potato and indulged in a dry shower in the middle of the exhibition!

I really enjoyed the exhibition despite the crowds and some of the pieces not working. I admit some of the more artistic pieces lost me but the interactive stuff was why I was there.



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