essay themes

I have been looking at a couple of threads for my essay and I’m still not sure which one to pursue or whether to use one to inform the other…

I originally talked in the seminar about doing something along the lines of why such trivial things are so popular on the internet? Are we getting more lazy, and more unoriginal by being able to self-publish, gather our news from any source and even edit “trusted” sources of information (wikipedia – maybe not so trusted)? I’m reading the cult of the amateur by andrew keen, with the byline;  how today’s internet is killing our culture and assaulting our economy. its a very cynical read – we can now amateurishly do everything by ourselves that the professional bodies once did and thus eating away at the economy and creating an inane culture of kittens and fails.

I can understand Keen’s argument but I think he is wrong to be so anti. The internet may be full of stupid stuff that make people laugh, but sometimes that stuff can be trying to do something, or change something.


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