Storyboarding Round Content part 1

We start with an aerial shot of our hero frantically typing the names of Victorian serial killers, which appear around the edge of the circle as though being typed, sketches of murder weapons also appear. Mugs and plates pile up by him, letters build upon the door mat, a carving knife appears just by his hand. Once all the names are written they start to spin around him, he clutches the knife and keeps glancing around him as he types. The name ‘The Beetle’ gets larger (possibly going red), then blackout.image

We see the hero ascending the stairs from many angles around the circle. A shadowy, distinctly Victorian man follows.


Aerial shot, our hero is in bed, sitting up, staring terrified at the door. The door starts to blur and multiply, surrounding him. Very slowly it starts to open, a knife can be seen glinting, a dark cloaked figure comes in. Blackout.


A few second of black.

Telephone face on, comes out of darkness, zooms or fades in and out, also rotates. Shot change to aerial shot of phone, hand come in to answer. We watch telephone as speech appears. “…they love your script…”, “…must meet…”, “…1 hour…”, “…dress smart…” (possibly).


We see the hero from many angles at a bin bag, pulling what appear to be clothes out of it. Some are torn, stuck together, he sniffs some and chucks them all over his shoulder, eventually covering the camera.

***when filming, as I am using only 1 camera, I will have to time each angle and queue the camera covering so none are too short.***


Aerial shot. Our hero collapses back onto the pile of clothes, staring manically towards the ceiling, pulling at his hair. Bubbles start to appear floating across the ceiling. Still staring up, he picks up a shirt and his knife, puts on a coat tucking the knife in the pocket and follows the source of the bubbles of the screen.


These are my initial story boards for the first half of the film


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