System/Layers walkshop with Adam Greenfield. We went on a walk around Millennium Square looking at how networked our society has become. The walk was meant to be longer but there was so much to see in that tiny part of the city centre we didn’t get any further!image

Not just a random sculpture, that spine is a wireless network aerial.


A floor sculpture showing the position of the sun throughout the year. Not connected to any network but interesting not the less (I had never even noticed them!).


Adam explaining the interactive display outside @Bristol. If you chose a star or planet the arm moves to point to it, and will follow it throughout the day! (Again had no idea that existed – I think I might be becoming techno-blind!)


The iPlus booths, why do they exist? No-one is sure. I did look for a job on one once, it told me there were 34 in Bristol, not sure where it gets its facts from!

I found the whole talk extremely interesting, and now part of me want to map the position of all the CCTV cameras in Bristol, one day, one day!


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