Steep learning curve

The editing has been tough. I’ve never really understood sequence setting before, although I’ve started learning over the past year. This project has shown me that they are really quite important! I’ve been using Premiere Pro to edit footage shot on a little GoPro camera from uni and my own Sony miniDV camcorder. I chose these mostly for the aerial shots that I could get with the GoPro, and my camera is  handy to have on me just in case. Editing the GoPro footage has been really tough. I had no idea what settings to use to edit so I made a guess and very slowly worked with that. For each round scene I have done a new sequence so I could work on one part at a time. Stitching the clips together takes a lot of trail and error to get the angles right making sure the clip doesn’t get too distorted. Instead of doing a sequence of shots one after the other I have all the shots running simultaneously in a circle, often with a aerial shot in the middle.

Using guess work for the sequence settings, doing any other editing of the clips once the effects had been put on was virtually impossible until I had rendered them – for the sequence about that was over 5 hours for 30 seconds of film. I foolishly assumed that it was the effects causing this slowness, until today. I tried out a couple of clips on the projector at the PM Studio- the sequences hadn’t looked too bad on my monitor but blown up they were incredibly pixelated. After discussing the problem with Tim I realised that I needed to work out exactly where I was going wrong with the settings before I could continue. Turns out I had the frame rate wrong so this evening I have been moving all my sequences across and now they are rendering in under an hour!! And exporting in  about half the time! It is also much easier now to render new bits. Hurray.

Here a quick screen shot of one of the more ambitious edits…


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