sometimes basic is best

Sometimes, just sometimes, its worth saying “screw you premiere pro with all your fancy settings” and work with movie maker instead.

After all my problems before, I finally completed all the sequences and exported them so they looked ok and in fairly good resolution (still don’t think I would have been able to do much better even if I was a professional). But then (and with prem pro there’s always a but) none of my exported clips would re-import for the final put-together without looking really pixelated, again! I tried lost of combinations of sequence setting and even made my own sequence pre-set to exactly the clip detail but no, nothing! Total waste of time.

So I forgot about it for a week while I did some other work.

Today I though, “why don’t I just use movie maker instead of mucking about in premiere?” Open it up, in go the film clips and bang film is done! No additional pixelation, no render problems, just all done and dusted! Finally!

Close up on the projector I still think it will look a bit pixelated, but I think that is a natural occurrence from so much distortion…

I would put the final clip up on Vimeo but it won’t make any sense straight on so if you want to watch it, get in touch and I can send you a copy (if you have a projector to point on a round table) or come round when I’l be watching it on the ceiling of my front room!


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