Mapping A New Project

It has been quite a while since I last blogged and I thought I should probably get back into it as the beginning of the final term is fast approaching. I will also blog about some of the events I have been to over the last few months and still not got round to reviewing.

Recently I have been starting my final project, which involves creating a prototype of a larger project I would like to do. The prototype involves getting people to create a new map of a section of Easton, which can then be connected together to make a full artistic map of the area. The big project involves doing this for the whole of Bristol, the blog for this project is here. The idea for this project first came to me when I was attending iDocs in March, I saw a talk by Martin Rieser in which he talked about his (then) upcoming project ‘Codes of Disobedience’ (Rieser, 2011) using QR codes in a graffiti heavy street in Athens to tell the stories behind the graffiti pieces. Throughout that day I had seen lots of projects that used maps to guide the documentary viewer through the story and the idea came to me to try to map the different types of artwork around Bristol, using a map of Bristol as a starting point.

Creating an Easton Prototype has not been as easy as it could have been, or at least maybe I have not pushed it as much as I could have so far but it is slowly taking shape. Getting people I don’t know to help me with a project is something I have never done before so this is a steep learning curve. I so far have 3 confirmed collaborators, a fourth who is interested but couldn’t turn up to the meeting and myself creating a section of Easton. As there are 6 parts to do to create my Easton map this is going OK but it would be better if I had all 6 collaborators at this point. We shall see how this works out, I think I should probably organise another meeting and advertise it a bit better than I did before.


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