Maps, maps, and more maps

I have been creating maps for street game/performance company IDST! for some of their recent projects.

“11 Missing Days” around Macclesfield, the Earl has taken 11 days from the calendar, players must find the days around town and return time to normal. We borrowed the festival map and extended it slightly with a Google map; took out any irrelevant places or symbols; altered the colours and warped the roads a little; added the game route and symbols. (The text was added after by another member of the group.)

“Triumph of the Will”, Bristol. Players must gain the missing pieces of Will from the Bridesmaids in order to put Will back together and be the first to escape Will’s brain. Looks simple enough, until you add in the fact it was the Harbourside Festival and there were about 50,000 people also milling about Will’s brain (unknowingly)!


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