Gaining momentum

Since my last post about the project lots of people have found out about the project and I now have 7 collaborators to make the map! I am also doing a piece so I have had to redivide the map into 8 pieces. I also made the area a bit smaller as the other side of the cycle path is Whitehall and I have found that people I am working with do not know it very well.

The collaborators are a range of people, and not solely artists either (1 geographist!). So far I know that one area will be textile based, one bit will be a faked reconstruction of the map in Victorian times showing where the mines were (the artist has already made this map which is in the Greenbank Pub, a section of which is shown below), and my bit which is a collage of flyers from the area I am doing.

This is a photoshop “sketch” of how it is starting to look…

There are still issues with how the pieces will fit together, that I need to sort out as the piece is developed but I am getting very excited to see where the piece will lead.


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