The pieces and some lessons

Its been a while so time for an update or two…

Most are pieces are in so I have been in full production mode for the last few weeks. Ideally I would have waited for all the bits to be ready before starting to put the map together, especially the flash pieces. However, I am not all that patient and I don’t really have time so I’m running ahead with what I have, but more about that later. The people who I have collaborated with so far have all been extremely positive about the project. The impression I got is that people really enjoy exploring where they live through a project. Being invited to look at the history of an area, or investigate their neighbourhoods as they are now. Collaborators are all quite excited about the project and I know will have Easton covered when it come to the big project!

The pieces are all of excellent quality and somehow they all seem to fit together. This was a concern that was raised by one of the artists – how would I make the map not look like a mess of different styles? I think it has managed on its own, although as I mentioned not all the pieces are in yet, so we shall see.

Typically the pieces that aren’t in are the pieces being done by people I know, this did surprise me initially but I should have known that my friend are the unreliable ones :-(.

Lesson 1  from this project: Strangers are more reliable than friends.

Lesson 2: (a consequence of Lesson 1) Don’t work with friends.

Lesson 3: People are extremely passionate about Easton. (I admit I did find of  know this but it is nice to have it confirmed and I hope it translates to every area of Bristol).

Here is a sneaky peak at the project so far, I’m making it small to with-hold some mystery! Any thought would be gratefully appreciated, and if I am totally delusional about how well all the pieces fit together please tell me –  I am known to be blind to clashing!


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