What will the online map do?

I think it is helpful to layout exactly what I want to do with the map in Flash. This will enable me to visualise the steps I need to take to achieve this, and force me to think of every aspect of interactivity.

1. The overall map qualities.
a. Be able to zoom into the map at the mouse point.
b. Once zoomed in be able to pan around the image.
c. Zoom in to see each image at 100% no more.
d. Zoom out no further than the original map size (how it looks when the user opens the page).
e. Zoom out returns map to the centre of the page.

2. How each part of the map behaves.
a. Each section will show one of four images.
b. To change the images users press the ‘shuffle’ button, which will randomly select one of four images.
c. Click on an image to ‘hold’ it during the next shuffle.
d. Click the image again to ‘un-hold’.
e. Held pieces will have a slight glow around the edges.
f. Held pieces will show above other pieces (if an over-lap) in the order they are clicked.
g. The shuffle and click functions will only work when the map is zoomed out fully.

3. Additional elements.
a. One of the pieces will have sound files that will be linked to the map by audio icons.
b. To play the sound click on an icon.
c. When a sound clip is playing another clip cannot be selected.
d. The selected clip icon will glow.
e. The icons will be clickable at any zoom level.
f. The icon size will increase as the user zooms in.


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