Successes and Failures – day 1 of hardcore coding time

Successes from last night:
All the pieces are in, resized and in the correct format.
The map pieces all load smoothly onto the page, fading up when page is opened.

Failures from last night:
Getting images to load from an xml file – problem with the xml file not the flash file so I can’t work out what I’m doing wrong!
Adding the zoom properties to a new document class.

This may not seem like a lot for one day but I was at work til 6 and it felt like a lot at the time.

Today I am going to try to attach a slider to the zoom commands so people without a scroller can zoom in and out, and also set some parameters so there’s no zooming in and out too far.
I will also try to fiddle around with the xml files a bit more to see if I can achieve anything with those.


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