Late Night Update

A quick update before I crash and forget to write it!

A bit of old fashioned techie stalking round uni yesterday has meant that my Flash piece is coming on nicely and the coding is starting to make sense. I have been that I have been crashing through this coding like a blindfolded bull but I think I’m starting to understand the basic rules – so I am getting better at self correcting and things are coming on just fine.

A problem I have encountered, however, has been in the actual design of the pieces and how they appear in the Flash movie. The idea is to have a selection of pieces for each area that users can shuffle through and select, effectively enabling them to build their own map. With the current selection of contributions, and examples I have made, not everything necessarily fits within the specified boundaries I laid out at the beginning of the project. This means that some of the pieces overlap quite a bit and the map looks crowed and messy. I have said previously that I wanted to try to avoid putting boarders around the pieces but I think it might be prudent to put a very small space between each piece for aesthetic purposes.

That’s a job for tomorrow me thinks, but after I have been to the KWMC for a talk about connected communities and had a wander round Totterdown Arts Trail (research for the project of course!)


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