Other Online Art Projects

I have been considering what other online art projects exist out there… how many there are and what forms they take.

Obviously there are a few by large organisations such as various Tate projects and Google’s Art Project but these deal with putting existing gallery art work online which is nowhere near what I am trying to do.

My project is more concerned with being a platform for anyone within the community of Bristol to show their work online, these are the sorts of projects I am interested in.

The first one I had a look at is the One Million Masterpiece project. Started in 2006, this project asks users to draw a piece of art on a on a square canvas on their website and add their piece to the collection, once you have drawn you piece you can move its position if you want. The aim is purely experimental – they want to create an organic “masterpiece”. What I really like about this project is that when you look at an image in detail, it is drawn for you so you can see how the artist created their piece.

The Synergy project by the website SITO, a massive collaborative art project that has been going since 1993. It started looking at getting different artists to collaborate on 1 project, in different layouts. The Crosswire project (1993) asked people to submit images which are then added to or changed over stages. The prevalence of the internet was tiny when this project was taking place – now we see a similar idea with image memes, that thousands of people contribute to.

edit 09 Jan 2012: I have also recently found out about Common Ground’s Parish Maps project. (Although not an online project it is so relevant to BAM I had to include it in this list.) It was created 25 years ago to encourage people across England to re-map their parish, focussing on wildlife and local landmarks, places and people. They are still running and I have emailed them to find out more, but I have yet to hear back. (It has just been the holidays.)
The parish map project is aimed at areas designing an creating their maps for their parish, to be maps that hang in a public buildings. As a result, there are some, but not many, on the web and they are quite difficult to find.

A batik parish map of Easton made in 1993 and toured round the area on a bus, so other people could add to it.


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