Some of the things I have seen over the last few years and while doing this project that I think have inspired me wanting to work with maps.

This piece is by my friend Anna Higgie. Map Man was on the wall of a friends house for many years. I love the way the place names and boundaries are obscured by the detail on the face but also emphasis other parts of the face too, like the ears, nose and lips. I’m still not sure where the map is of, but somehow I don’t think that’s important. This interactive music video by Chris Milk for Arcade Fire’s song ‘We used to wait’ is one of the best uses of Google Maps I have ever seen. The video is created around the postcode the user had when they were growing up and utilises the aerial view and the Street View function. The video creates an emotional link with the user by drawing on their own identity and memories to create a very personal video.



I found this piece on deviantArt. I like the way the body fits the geography and the idea that someone sketches onto maps!


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