BAM potential!

So I have been thinking about pervasive computing and pervasive media and how the art map utilise these technologies.

An obvious one would be to allow users to locate themselves within the art map on their mobile phones. As this extremely crude mock up shows…

This would be cool, but does raise some issues… namely the flash file on the website will not work on smartphone and Adobe have stopped developing flash for this purpose (thanks!). I would love to use the app furnace to experiment with this, but my main issue is – how do I choose which pieces to use if you can’t shuffle through the pieces? I guess I could make the pieces into a slide show but how would I get a slideshow to work on an app? These are all immediate issues I can think of in developing BAM for phones.

Another issue for me, is moving away from screens – this is where I think people are moving towards. Next week the company Vuzix will be introducing their latest in augmented reality “smart glasses”. Like using a phone but as an overlay to what you are seeing through your glasses, perhaps even using your eyes to control things, very cool!
Imagine if you could see BAM as you walk the streets of Bristol!

TaDa! although I think this is a view of flying over Easton, perhaps like the one the police helicopter gets!

or maybe even this…


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