Russian Winter Poetry

A side project I have been working on over the last few months is “Russian Winter”, a collaboration between UWE Media Practice students and a band called The Beams. The idea is to create a film based around a concept album the band have made, inspired by The Master and Margerita by Mikhail Bulgakov, which will be screened with a live orchestra performing the soundtrack and possibly with an added theatrical element.

I got involved because I love the book and I was curious to see how the band wanted their idea realised.

Through discussions and meetings I have been labelled with the role of producer, although I am still finding my feet with this role having never done it before, and currently not being able to commit as much time as I would like due to finishing my masters!

These are some Pushkin poems selected and read by Julia Vita, that evoke the Russia of Bulgakov.

“To Chadaev”, is the poem referenced at the end of the Russian Winter script.

“Ghosts” is a piece about Pushkin taking a carriage ride on Winter night to and seeing
loads of ghosts dressed up on their way to a ball.

The final poem by Esenin is chosen because he was a contemporary of Bulgakov, the poem selected, “Goodbye my friend, goodbye” was his suicide note.

Russian Winter Poetry by RedJess

Here are some pages offering translations for some of the poems:

“I Loved You Once”

“To Chadaev”



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