Theatrical staging for Russian Winter: some thoughts

Initially I was thinking more about the staging for Russian Winter than the filmic element, this is probably from working in theatres, when someone says stage and film I always see the film as secondary to the theatrical spectacle.
I was thinking a lot about how to use film as a way to convey the Master’s decent into the crazy world of the devil, using images of places as backdrops that slowly shift from Bristol scenery to Russian landscapes. And using shadow puppets and people’s silhouettes to show the dark imaginings of the master.

I saw Ergo Phizmiz’s version of The Third Policeman at The Cube cinema (a possible venue for Russian Winter) and was extremely impressed by their use of stage and screen to create a really effective performance.

A backlit curtain was used allowing for mysterious shadows to appear.

The projection was very effective at situating the performers.

The main character even interacted with a “ghost” on screen

Using full head, papier mache masks for the more peculiar characters…

The shadows would sometimes interact with the person on stage (or with the audience).

This piece showed that a good performance could be created in a more D-I-Y fashion. The film that we are creating has a might higher quality feel, and from the initial rushes I have seen looks as though it will stand alone as a film. I am not sure if this will translate onto stage if the directors decide to add anything more than the orchestra, ie actors, dancers etc. however we will see…


One response to “Theatrical staging for Russian Winter: some thoughts

  1. Great sequence of ideas.. love them! The Third Policemen really makes it clear that live drama performance can fit perfectly with film on screen, even cloth screen. Today in the shooting I think we got great shots of the master as himself in a vibrant pub environment, curious to watch the footage… let’s go for live show 😉

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